Fabrics & Friends is an example of persuasion and following dreams, wherever they take you. Born from a rib of ILOVEKUTCHI, this project is the result of many years investigating all things concerning to fabric production, certifications, quality, designs and colour. Having that background and experience, we could bring you the best quality and colour performance ever. We work hand in hand with local factories in Portugal and our productions have OEKO-TEX standard 100 certifications, all tested for harmful and toxic substances.

We are moved by the passion for sewing, pretty patterns and the will to create high quality fabrics with 0km production. It’s all about colaborating with ilustrators and designers from all over the world, providing a trendy variety, modern aesthetic, fun designs with vibrant and rich colors, loads of character and super easy to mix and match.

Hope you enjoy our fabrics as much as we loved designing it! Let’s build a fabrics and friends community together, following the fun on social media by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.

Who is behind fabrics and friends?

Being a division of ilovekutchi shop, Mara is the one responsible for all things about this brand. She started this project in her mind several years ago, searching for the right partners to begin this big adventure. Once was all ready she just said: let’s go, this is it. Writing some words about herself can be challenging, as she always likes to stay and watch in the backstage: “I have been a pattern lover for as long as I can remember. Even in my days as an architect, I have always had this thing for fabrics”. Perfectionist, always taking care of little details, colour fanatic and drawing enthusiast, she takes every collection very personal and works to make sure everything is done in time.