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you_can_do_anyhting_beth fletcher

We have had a chat with Beth Fletcher, the designer of the collection ‘You Can do Anything’. We talked about her favourite designers, inspirations and also her experience in sewing.


Name: Beth Fletcher

Year of birth: 1994

City: Shropshire, England

Designer since: 2016

Hobbies: Swimming, trying out new recipes, taking trips to the cinema and listening to music (David Bowie is my favourite!)


Name your favourite designers.

For print and illustration, I really love The Rifle Paper Co. Their floral prints are so lovely, and for fashion, I think that Mary Benson designs such dreamy dresses. Currently, I’m obsessing over Minju Kim’s SS20 collection- it’s so wonderful!

What made you enter the world of patterns?

I’ve always loved drawing and fashion, and designing patterns is the way that I can do both! I studied illustration at university and started turning my drawings into prints and patterns and I really loved it. I even wrote my dissertation about patterns!

Where did you get inspiration for ‘You can do anything’ collection?

I wanted to do a collection that was bold and bright and super fun. I while back I painted a rainbow with a little cat face on it and thought it was quite cute. I loved the idea of mixing cute animal faces with little weather elements, so that’s where the collection started.

Can you sew?

Yes, but I want to get better!

Who taught you to?

My Nan and my Mom- they’re still teaching me new tips and tricks for sewing.

Which kind of things do you usually sew and in which materials?

The last thing that I made were some Christmas decorations – they were made from felt that I embroidered onto, but usually if I’m sewing it’s because I’m altering something vintage into something new. At the moment my Nan and I are altering some lovely cocktail dresses that belonged to her Mom in the ’50s/’60s.

Which clothing parts or accessories would you like to sew with these fabrics collection, and with which patterns?

I think that the grey marl with the polka dots would look so cute as some little baby leggings and the rainbow print would be a lovely t-shirt dress. Or I’d just want to turn the whole collection into cushions and bedsheets!

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