FABRICS & FRIENDS is a wholesale company, meaning we only sell our products to businesses who then sell to the public. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase directly from FABRICS & FRIENDS unless you’re a shop. To make them easier to find, we have prepared you bellow a list of our wonderfull retailer shops. They will be happy to provide you our fabrics!

ILOVEKUTCHI SHOP – online shop – shipping worldwide


TELA MARINERA – shop and online orders – Vic, Barcelona, Spain

LE CROCHET COSTURA – shop and online shop – Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain

PETIT COR VINTAGE – shop and online shop – Barcelona, Spain

LOLA BOTONA GRANOLLERS – shop and online shop – Granollers, Spain

DOS PUNTS – shop and online shop – Barcelona, Spain

MAITINGORRI – online shop and kids clothes – Guipuzcoa, Spain

NÚVOL DE FILS – shop – Barcelona, Spain

EL CALAIX – shop and online shop – Barcelona, Spain

MY MINT – shop – Manlleu, Spain

LES FORNITURES – shop – Igualada, Spain

PATAPUM – shop and kids clothes – Vigo, Spain

ZÁLEZ – shop and online shop – Sevilla, Spain

DIT I FET – shop – Reus, Spain

MERCERIA LAS NIÑAS – shop – Sevilla, Spain

WE ARE KIDS – kids clothes – Córdoba, Spain

LA PETITA MARIA – kids clothes – Manresa, Spain

EL NUVOL DE NOAL – kids clothes – Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain

DELANA – shop and online shop – Sevilla, Spain

STRACCIATELAS – shop and online shop – Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain

PEDACETS PATCHWORK – shop – Sabadell, Spain

MINICOTE – kids clothes – Sevilla, Spain

RETAHILA – kids clothes – Cádiz, Spain

GRUPO OHANA – kids clothes – Collbató, Spain

ROSITTA PARÍS – kids clothes – Sevilla, Spain

SANTA BARBARA BCN – kids clothes – Sitges, Spain

LOVELY TELAS – online shop – Barcelona, Spain

SIPINOPI KIDS – kids clothes – Pontevedra, Spain

AMAMI – kids clothes and accesories – Gipuzkoa, Spain


I TESSUTI DEL RICCIO – online shop – Roma, Italia

CUTCOT TESSUTI – online shop – Cesena, Italia

ARTES OF LAURA VIGNALI – bags and complements- Modena, Italia

MANEMARA LAB – complements- Brescia, Italia


PIP AND WILLOW STUDIO – kids clothes – United kingdom


ZICKZACKZUCK – shop and online shop – Switzerland

JE SUIS À CROQUER – online shop – Switzerland


Will be updating more soon!